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The devil girl tells the hero that it will go up to heaven so that she will have a good time, while death girl told him to go out from hell so that the journey would be more interesting. There was a place where he met Lydia who told him that they should not fight against each other but help each other. She was badly injured and had a lot of scars. The hero helped her and asked her why she was like this and she replied that she was not the one who made this. Then she told the hero about a starstone that makes a person strong. The hero went to heaven, where he met one of the angel and he advised the hero to take a decision after meeting with the rest of the angel. After that he was sent to hell. He met death girl who told him that he has to go out from hell to save the world. His companion was the devil girl. They wanted to stop at death girl but the hero escaped from the two girls. Death girl came up to the hero and said he was on her side and she would not let any bad guy take his place. Reception References Category:2015 Indian television series debuts Category:Indian animated television series Category:Disney Channel India shows Category:Indian children's animated television series Category:Indian fantasy television series Category:Animated fantasy television series Category:2010s Indian television series Category:English-language television programs Category:2016 Indian television series endingsLong-term ethanol exposure selectively inhibits insulin and IGF-I binding to human liver plasma membranes. Long-term ethanol consumption is associated with central nervous system and endocrine/metabolic disorders. Ethanol at concentrations in the alcohol-dosed range of 100-300 mM inhibits glucose transport into cultured rat brain cells. The effect of ethanol on the human insulin and IGF-I receptors is unknown. Here we present evidence that long-term ethanol exposure (30 days) selectively decreases insulin (ID50 = 4.2 mM) and IGF-I (ID50 = 4.2 mM) binding to human liver plasma membranes (LPM) in a dose-dependent fashion with a maximal inhibition of 25%. The inhibition was not associated with an increase in either the affinity (Kd) or the number of receptors (Bmax) of the LPM-IGF-I receptor complex. Since high levels of circulating insulin and IGF-I have been implicated in metabolic and/or neuroendocrine disorders associated with alcoholism, the ethanol-

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